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Therapy Optimization

We’re a different kind of clinic. We only offer care to a limited number of patients so that we can provide the elite service that you deserve. Our signature Concierge Service means that you will get the one-on-one attention of a nurse practitioner who will monitor your care during your entire treatment. You will have 24/7 access if you have questions or concerns. Your treatment will be uniquely designed for you and your body’s specific needs. We will regularly monitor your lab work and provide professional recommendations. There are no membership fees but monthly subscriptions are required*.
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*exception includes Basic ED treatment

Our Services

Each of our services are customized to your unique needs. We offer a concierge service so that you always receive the maximum benefits of your individualized treatments.

Men's Testosterone Replacement Therapy

We offer in-office or at-home injections or pellet therapy.


Women's Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bio-Identical Pellet insertion every 3-4 months.


Sexual Health And Desire

Arousal and performance enhancement for men and women.


Hair Restoration Therapy

We offer single and package treatments for hair loss and thinning hair.


Thyroid Replacement Therapy

Regain your youthful energy and vitality.


Medical Weight Loss

Guaranteed weight loss personalized plans with FDA approved options.


Vitamin Injections

Vitamins & antioxidants to make you feel better fast.

Why Champion Health and Wellness Clinics?

Trusted Nurse Practictioners

Elite Concierge Service

Managed Care

Convenient and Confidential


Client Testimonials

I played professional football for 9 yrs and Cynthia has personally given me advice on how to handle some of my post career injuries. She's very knowledgeable about her profession but most importantly she has a kind heart and spirit about her. You don't find that too often in the medical field. She takes a personal interest in the care of her patients. I've dealt with many doctors throughout my career and she is definitely one of a kind.
Kenneth Davidson
Pittsburgh Steelers
"The service that I received from Champion Health & Wellness clinic was excellent. The staff is friendly and ensures that I am properly informed about my health and care. I would gladly recommend them to friends and family."
Jason Branch
“I was very pleased by the professionalism that was shown during the consultation visit. I highly recommend this office.”